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Providing systems and software engineering services for mission and safety critical applications across multiple industries.  Specializing in automation techniques to help clients meet schedules with high quality results.


Automation is a lifestyle

Often times automation is not even on a client's radar, especially in the early stages of the project lifecycle.  Too often automation is forgotten about due to tight budgets and schedules.  Many clients have end customers enforcing strict timelines.  This can can cause a rushed decision to rely on the traditional brute force approach for design and verification activities.


Automation is not just for industrial controls or only a verification activity.  From requirements definition to verification testing, all stages of a project's lifecycle can benefit from some form of automation.  The goal is to be able to explore all possible options based on your needs.

Providing mission and safety-critical engineering services across multiple industries

Extensive experience on ARP-4754, DO-254 and DO-178 applications.


Flap/Slat actuation systems, power distribution assemblies, cockpit controls


Missile applications, tanker refueling systems


Propulsion and transmission control systems

Ready to service every phase of the project lifecycle

Our team is your team

Think of our team as an extension of your organization with a proven ability to work with customers; translating their needs/requirements into solid product deliverables.

Services can be provided for the entire project lifecycle or a specific phase you need help with.

Our team is experienced in utilizing the latest design, development and verification tools for SoC, DSP, Microcontroller and FPGA applications in aerospace and defense industries.

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Tel: 312-600-8098

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